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Business Development Programme

The business of your law firm is now the responsibility all lawyers within the firm. Contribution to the growth of the business requires that everyone is up to speed with the skills needed to obtain clients, maintain profits and retain the firm’s reputation. Read More

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Partners Development Programme

As a key person in the firm, it is critical that you drive the firm’s business, effectively push your team, continuously strengthen your practice, reinforce your reputation in the legal arena all the while to remain an asset to your company, your colleagues and your clients.
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Associates Development Programme

From Managing Associates to newly qualified Associate, it is about reinforcing your reputation with your clients, building up your practice and working collegiate with your peers; it is a crucial time to develop yourself into becoming a great lawyer or maintaining your reputation as an established associate.
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Skillssanctuary is in three words: Business Skills Specialists.

As a boutique London based training company we provided business skills training exclusively to lawyers within the UK and abroad. We offer a seamless “one-stop business skills training service” for lawyers who need business skills to:

  • quickly build their own professional practices;
  • become active in their firm’s business development agenda;
  • manage their performance to better their appraisal review;
  • achieve their regulatory legal competencies;
  • become a key player in their company’s vision;
  • add value to their clients’ legal services.   Read More


2702, 2017

Name it to Claim it

What’s in a name? “…that which we call a rose – by any other name would smell as sweet; [famous words from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 1600]

Naming things is hard. When you name something, you […]

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1902, 2017

Happy New Year 2018

And no this is not a typo!
Happy New Year to you all for 2017 but least none of us be surprised that the words “I can’t believe it’s 2018” will soon be echoing across the workplace […]

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