Name it to Claim it

Name it to Claim it

What’s in a name? “…that which we call a rose – by any other name would smell as sweet; [famous words from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 1600]

Naming things is hard. When you name something, you want it to anchor itself in people’s minds; the name and the thing are then forever connected. It creates brand recognition and builds a strong business. Names and words don’t exist in a solo vacuum. People often have history with them or create associations.

But how do you tell if the company name you have in mind is a good one? Just going with it might be the easiest route, but you’ll kick yourself if a much better company name comes along or a problem emerges with the name you’ve chosen especially if you find yourself going through a long and costly process to change the company name to something else (our lesson learnt). Much better to reject the wrong name now and choose a name that’s going to be an asset to your business.

is our new company name

We must remember a business needs a lot of different things in order to succeed. Smart leadership, good marketing, and a sound business strategy are by far the highest on that list. But another thing that is often overlooked is the name you give the business. That applies not only for your business itself, but for your domain name as well. While it sounds like something that isn’t that big of a deal, the fact is that your business name and domain name could be a make or break concern.

Name and Shame

A name can influence how your child performs in school and even their career opportunities, a name that causes rhyming slangs can get a child teased for life, affecting their confidence and ability to interrelate. Studies have shown that recruiters and hiring managers — consciously or not — assess candidates on the basis of a name and that common names were best liked and most likely to be hired. Even more disheartening is that a hiring manager could have his or her own bad association with a name. For example, if the first name on a resume is the same as that person’s malevolent mother, there might be some psychology going on that would get that resume directed to the rubbish.

Interestingly in a 2009 experimental study, 10.7% of applicants with a white sounding name received a positive response, compared with 6.2% of applicants with an ethnic minority sounding name – making them 74% more likely to get a positive response.

Successful naming and re-naming demands focus, linguistic alchemy, and the midnight oil. The creative process of naming is always tempered by legal inspection to ensure that a name doesn’t already exist (lesson definitely learnt).  In so many words, a good name is memorable, meaningful, and distinctive. You know it when you see it. Even more importantly, you know it when you hear it and feel it.

Dominate the Domain

As far as top tier domain extensions go, the .com extension is the way to go. People and search engines alike seem to trust sites with domains that end with this extension when compared to others. As that is the case, it is almost always best to pick a domain that ends with this. With 60 million people surfing the internet and billions of businesses being online, competition is fierce and so to try and get on the coveted “Page 1” of Google page rankings is even harder, so [] had to let go of our initial name for our survival and space in the overcrowded and over-communicated business world. We had fallen in love [] but grew out of love when the .COM was gobbling up our reputation; nothing worse than getting a phone call for someone else’s business.

It needs to be said, your domain name will have a major impact on your placement in search engine results. If your domain name is totally unrelated to what you offer, chances are that your customers will have a hard time “Google-ing” you. And the old adage “Keep It Simple Stupid”, or KISS, applies so very much here. The shorter your business name, the easier it will be to use in Twitter messages and the easier it will be for customers to remember.

In fact, much like buying a home with the best address in town, your domain name is probably one of the biggest online retail address you have to make because picking the wrong domain name can be like buying the perfect house in the wrong post code — bad investment choice, no kerb appeal.

When it comes to your domain name, the URL is your oyster. There are hundreds of thousands of names you can pick from and an ever growing selection of extensions to choose from in order to become your new digital home address. However, just because it’s easy to buy one of these domain names doesn’t mean that you don’t have a big decision to make.

Brand it like Beckham, Bud or Burberry

The first thing a client may notice about your Company is your brand name. Whether you’re naming a single item in your catalog of thousands or the core product on which your entire business will be based, what you call it is strongly linked to its success.

Consider this: based on name alone, would you be willing to buy a product called “Doggy Do”? Probably not, Great product… horrible name. A name also determines whether or not your product is perceived as memorable. Would Pop-Tarts be just as successful if they were called “Toaster Pastries”? They might succeed based on taste and convenience, but no one’s going to remember a name like “Toaster Pastries.”

These are two of the biggest reasons why you should carefully consider what you name the product/services you sell. Though it might take a long time and deliberation it’s worth it to choose a good name – one that resonates in your gut and ultimate with your clients.

It’s why brands find it so hard to rename anything and why we still have the Carphone Warehouse in the UK, despite years without carphones.
So without further ado..Skillssanctuary Ltd is our new name, but it is still business as usual!

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