SKILLSSANCTUARY is in three words:  Soft Skills Specialists.

As a corporate training company, based in Chancery Lane London, we specialise in delivering soft skills training.  We work with lawyers, law firms and their learning and development team, delivering ALL their soft skills development training. The results in developing your soft business skills ensures you can:

  • quickly build your own practice;
  • create a strong client following;
  • confidently participate in your firm’s business development;
  • increase added value to your clients’ business; and
  • easily meet your SRA annual declaration and regulatory continuing competencies.

Today’s lawyers are dealing with unprecedented challenges and career performances are being judged on how law firms increase revenue and profits, retain their reputation and status and manage their clients CRMs. It is no longer just about selling legal advice to clients. Lawyers are expected to get involved with business development and to give increased value to their clients’ business.

SKILLSSANCTUARY, approved as a training provider by the SRA in 2013, has established a go to “one-stop soft skills development company”, so that solicitors (and their legal L&D Department) can get all the skills they need for every position they are promoted into thereby making career and business development easier.

As the number of new solicitors increases in each qualifying year, solicitors must seek to gain strategic skills to allow them to meet billable targets stress free, to stand out successfully in a now crowded legal market and to be proactive in a globally competitive world.

Providing focused training, exclusively to lawyers, ensures that SKILLSSANCTUARY will not deliver generic workshops, but offers courses relevant to a solicitor’s working life, this results in solicitors being able to fast track their career, increase their legal following and power up their practice.

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Our purpose is to deliver training with relevance, our aim is to stand side by side with the lawyers and law firms and our principle value is to inspire our clients and our own staff to be the best they can be.
Skillssancturary’s philosophy is simple – LIVE TO LEARN – the power of learning increases opportunities in abundance, offers amazing life experiences and enables us to live a life without limits.
We promise at all times to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and courtesy. We have earned (and continually strive to retain) our leadership position to be the leading provider of business skills to solicitors. Our dedication is motivated by our desire to provide products and services which benefit our clients and our clients’ clients.
Our testimonials tell the truth and reinforce what we do and how well we do it. Our continuous work with companies and their colleagues ensure that our development training delivers a return on training time and financial investment.


Janet was a brilliant tutor who made learning easy and fun – Sean McDermmott
I enjoyed the Customer Service course it was delivered very professionally and easy for us to understand – Noor Mohammed
Janet delivered an excellent course…..Dedar Ahmed
I really enjoyed the course and learnt lots of new things and Janet our teacher has been very helpful…..[Anonymous]
I enjoyed the course and the teacher [Janet] was very helpful…..A Mohamed