And no this is not a typo!

Happy New Year to you all for 2017 but least none of us be surprised that the words “I can’t believe it’s 2018” will soon be echoing across the workplace water stations as once again 12 months will fly by and we look back with disbelief on “how on earth” did yet another year pass so quickly, as we are left still recounting the same old words of we are getting older, I am not where I want it to be, I need to leave this place, I need to spend more time with my children – each New Year we make heady new year resolutions and before you know it, it is Happy New Year 2019!


I have always said ‘The end dictates the beginning’, knowing where you want to go allows you to start mapping out the journey so by the end of 2017 you have to start the journey this January 2017.  The big question therefore is what are you going to do this new year? What plans and projects have you put in place to focus your day and time?  Yes the year will be busy, nothing new there, but unfortunately as we know busy does not equal profitable productivity or personal achievements.

Happy endings are achievable if we don’t leave things to chance. If we don’t procrastinate, if we don’t bury our heads in the mounds of paperwork that resides on our desks. Today there are numerous global business opportunities and thousands of business people to connect with and share ideas, services and products, but as the saying goes “you have to be in it to…..”.

So where do you start?  Have you sat down and looked at your business plan, your life plans, taken an audit of where you are and what you want? Do you require more revenue, more clients, more sales or do you have a more personal crusade, change of career, lateral move, partnership promotion?

“Please Sir can I have some more”

Oliver Twist desperate with hunger, and reckless with misery rose from the table and advancing to the master, basin and spoon in hand, said:

‘Please, sir, I want some more

So going forward for this year what is your ‘more’?:

  • More revenue
  • More sales
  • More clients
  • More billable hours
  • More time with family and friends

In business (and life) more is what keeps us highly motivated and constantly engaged. It helps us avoid skills stagnation. But to obtain all that you want (and much more) means you have to do something because as the saying goes “the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” – it is not rocket science therefore that the simply solution is to change your current actions; you have to plan your next move.

Have you failed to plan? Or do you plan to fail?

The saying  is “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail“.

Planning is the secret of the successful, it is an age old strategy to achieving what you want (but just be SMART with your plans, make sure they are:






Spend some time over a frothy coffee and put pen to paper (mouse to laptops for the technological achievers). Invest some quiet time to map it all out? Write it down, study the logistics of its achievement, work out the realistic time frame, the resources required, the likelihood of its success in the current business climate. Why have yet another year with no direction, no road map, no mind mapping – just working and waiting to see what happens, with your head down in another transaction, ignoring the inevitability of time passing you ‘bye’.

Sadly with no plans you become a reactionary to other people’s plans, your decisions will always be made under a reactionary situation and in my experience reactive behaviour does not allow you the quality time to have a 360 outcome focus, you end up working to someone else’s master plan.

Sabotaging your own success?

Unfortunately most of us don’t realise we are sabotaging our own success. Based on the famous Pareto Principle means than 20 percent of what we do, will give us 80 per cent of what we want. Interesting fact! Therefore this simply means you have to work out what is “your 20%”’ that will give you 80% of all the things that you want to live you dreams.

But sadly most of us fail to do an annual audit check on our lives, we dare to dream but we do not project manage our dreams; every day we get up and go to the office for 12 hours, continuously busy ourselves on our laptops, attending meetings and training days but with  no endgame in mind except for retirement. The truth is most of us have really good intentions for each new year, but we dejectedly don’t stick to these new year resolutions.

Happy New Year 2017

So whilst we celebrate the beginning of this year, remember time moves very fast and before we know 2018 will be upon us. But with the right plans, executed using SMART thinking, fully understanding and embracing the 80/20 Pareto Principle, then and only then will 2017 be an extremely busy and  productive year which will make 2018, 2019 and 2020 greater years