STOP holding back the tears, a warning signal

STOP holding back the tears, a warning signal

Shedding tears can be seen as a sign of weakness. And even though crying is natural, it is unfortunately seen as weakness and cant cope in the workplace. But crying is a natural response to stress, frustration, or sadness. So if you break down in the office, at your desk, don’t apologize or allow others to accuse you of being unprofessional.

For many of us, getting frustrated, flustered or just plain emotional can have us end up in tears. And it happens more often than you may think in the one place you hope it doesn’t: the workplace. Turns out, 41 per cent of women and 9 percent of men cry in the workplace and at some point in your career you will probably end up in tears in front of your boss, client or colleagues. It happens to most of us, and it is usually when we don’t see it coming.

But today, with workplaces valuing emotional intelligence more and more, someone who cries at work can now be seen as a person who is very passionate. And with power players like Sheryl Sandberg and Tina Fey telling us that crying at work is acceptable, we may be changing our views on tears in the workplace.

Society is much more understanding about men and women crying and any manager/supervisor worth their salt will begin to ask you questions, alarm bells should be ringing in their head, they should be having a gentle conversation with you asking you if everything is ok…at home, at work, with your caseload, with colleagues, it could well be your supervisor who is not supervising correctly but your position is too important for you to say something, well rest assured if you don’t say something your tears will.

Your tears are a warning signal, take heed.


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