It is okay not to be okay

It is okay not to be okay

If you need to cry then cry – from time to time it we will be okay not to be okay; some days are down days. 

Just remember tears are not a sign of weakness – tears show that you care or that you are hurt, frustrated or stressed and given the times that we all find ourselves in shedding a few tears is one major step to taking care of your wellbeing.  

Cry in private, cry with friends or family, give it to the sky, the trees, the country air but get it out of your mental and physical system.

Your wellbeing could be just as simple as knowing when to shed a tear, walk away, talk out your feelings, say nothing. Let your spirit be you guide and if you want to shed a few tears, then own that moment so that you remain productive to work and remain able to keep up your performance as a lawyer, a husband, a wife, a parent, a son, daughter, auntie or uncle (yes we are many things to many people) – and yes all whilst juggling working from the worktop, kitchen table, bedside lamp. It certainly is the worst of times and somehow the best of times!

These are such unprecedented, challenging and very uncertain times and to pretend every day, to keep smiling to your wife/husband or children is not conducive to your wellbeing; crying is not a gender discussion in 2021, it is a wellbeing discussion. 

It’s time to give everyone permission to take a moment to shed a few tears.


Jannette Brimm is a leading Business Skills Specialist for lawyers and law firms.  Having worked for Dentons, Boodle Hatfield, Maples and Calder in the Cayman Islands Jannette has spent many years working and helping lawyers to develop their business skills.  She shares her business acumen, personal development and business development know-how to help lawyers with their performance development programmes,  business development objectives  and partnership preparedness programmes. Jannette also works with law firms supporting their Wellbeing, Women’s Leadership, Firm Induction and Career Development programmes.  She is an SRA Approved Trainer, certified TAP Trainer and an Occasional Contributor to the Law Society.


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