Communication Skills


Acquiring this transferable business skill will give you the ability to always:

  • Empathize to establish trust and communicate effectively
  • Express your ideas assertively, confidently and precisely
  • Deliver your potentially negative message and get a good response
  • Ask the right questions for the right reasons
  • Use different communication styles when needed based on circumstances
  • Discover what you know about yourself and how clients and/or colleagues think of you
  • Avoid misunderstandings and overcome communication barriers
  • Read and interpret body language and gestures while communicating with clients and/or colleagues

Why Attend

As social entities, we spend a lot of time and effort in communication with clients and/or colleagues. Mastering the art of communication increases our chances of success in both your professional and personal lives. Any performance improvement here will directly lead to benefits for your team, your job and your personal life. Communication skills can be learned and mastered through persistent practice.

Communication is successful when a message has been sent and received without much distortion. Messages conveyed badly by the sender or misinterpreted by the receiver prevent ideas and thoughts to be expressed correctly and cause much confusion and misunderstandings.

The aim of this course is to minimise such misunderstandings. By focusing on subjects such as body language, listening techniques, effective questioning, self-analysis and empathy, delegates gain a better understanding of how to have an effective communication with others and improve their business and personal relationships.

Who should attend

Junior Associates

Duration / Time / CPD Points

One Day / 8.30am until 1.30pm / 5.5 CPD Points

SRA Competency:  A2(1)


£696.00 per delegate (price includes VAT / Refreshments / Lunch and Personal Workbook) – limited to 12 delegates

Training Venue

Five Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1LG

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