Goal Setting Skills


Acquiring this transferable business skill will give you the ability to always:

  • Analyse the incredible power of goal setting and its impact on your success
  • Define your goals in a way that will help you achieve them and increase the likelihood of success
  • Capture your desires systematically using visual techniques and set your short-term and long-term goals based on them
  • Adapt a positive mentality to task completion and use a series of techniques to become more productive
  • Use visualisation techniques to maximise the likelihood of reaching your goals
  • Create a mission statement and define your long-term goals using the 8-steps technique
  • Use the GROW model to self-coach or coach clients and/or colleagues

Why Attend

We are all on a quest to find out our ultimate goals and purpose in life and ways to achieve these goals. While some of us find our life goals and objectives and even exceed our wildest dreams and expectations, others struggle to find their objective in life and end up feeling confused and frustrated. Understanding your desires and being able to set goals to get you to said desires is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. So what is the secret?

Successful people are often determined, focused and persistent in going after what they want. Famous studies illustrate that goal setting, autosuggestion and correct formulation of goals can significantly boost productivity and quality of life. Knowing goals also helps leaders to share them with their teams so everyone knows where they are heading.

Who should attend

Junior Associates

Duration / Time / CPD Points

One Day / 8.30am until 1.30pm / 5.5 CPD Points

SRA Competency:  A2(1)


£696.00 per delegate (price includes VAT / Refreshments / Lunch and Personal Workbook) – limited to 12 delegates

Training Venue

Five Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1LG

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