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Impact your Trainee Induction Programme

Your trainees are the financial talent of tomorrow and their interaction with the firm, from day one, will make them decide whether they stay or take their talent to your competitors once their 2 year training contract is up.  

As we know  comprehensive induction training program helps new employees understand the values, culture, work norms, policies and procedures of the organization, and thus enables then to easily adapt to the workplace environment.

So why not make your Induction Programme impactful and engaging.

New Trainees Induction Programme

Stress Management Skills

The world of work is so different from University so from the very beginning, during their Induction Programme, it is the best time time to ensure your new trainees get an understanding of:

  • how to look after their wellbeing when they start having heavy workloads
  • how to cope with demanding clients
  • how to cope with demanding colleagues
  • wellbeing tips and techniques for managing long working hours
  • managing performance pressures and tight deadlines

Learning from their induction day, what situations could potentially cause stress, stress triggers and possible demands, and how to manage these situations makes their legal career more rewarding from the outset.

Business Skills in Practice

85% of job success is down to soft skills [aka business skills], knowing the law is simply not enough.  Its takes key business skills to know:

  • how to sell legal advice
  • how to listen to client instructions
  • how to market themselves
  • how to use interpersonal skills in get along with all colleagues
  • how to use effective time management to meet targets
  • how to listen to supervisors and partners
  • how to listen clearly to instructions and 
  • how to ask valuable questions

These busines skills trainees would be briefed on during their induction programme to ensure the legal skills are matched perfectly with their business skills.


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£1050 (plus VAT) – initial meeting, interactive presentation, factsheet and follow up with client call in 30 days

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