Listening Skills


Acquiring this transferable business skill will give you the ability to always:

  • Avoid falling into bad habits when listening to clients and/or colleagues and use established listening guidelines to make clients and/or colleagues feel more comfortable with you
  • Use Active Listening techniques to establish rapport and leave a positive impression
  • Ask effective questions to encourage clients and/or colleagues to provide more information without limiting the conversation unnecessarily
  • Identify the critical importance of listening and learn the secret to good communication skills
  • Improve your understanding of different personalities when listening and aim to improve your own style
  • Avoid using words that trigger negative emotional responses in order to improve your listening skills
  • Respond to difficult people by classifying them into abstract types and use the most ideal strategies to handle each type

Why Attend

Listening skills is perhaps one of the most important skills used when communicating with clients and/or colleagues. Imagine what happens when people discover that you are not listening to them or don’t care much about them. Naturally, they are quick to distance themselves from you. Everyone loves to be listened to, but unfortunately we never seem to be doing enough listening. People are deprived of listening and those who can master this skill and establish themselves as good listeners stand to gain enormously as they can make long lasting friendships with clients and/or colleagues. By developing a reputation of being a good listener an individual can transform his life in many dimensions.

This course aims to help delegates master the art of listening in professional and personal settings. Listening, like all skills, can be mastered through guidance, practice and persistence. This course is designed around numerous examples as this is the most effective way to learn.

Who should attend

Junior Associates

Duration / Time / CPD Points

One Day / 8.30am until 1.30pm / 5.5 CPD Points

SRA Competency:  A2(1)


£696.00 per delegate (price includes VAT / Refreshments / Lunch and Personal Workbook) – limited to 12 delegates

Training Venue

Five Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1LG

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