Personal Impact Skills


Acquiring this transferrable skill will allow female fee earners to increase their presence and learn how to project a high-impact personality. Personal impact is not a single skill; it is a set of skills that must be mastered together in line with improving attitude. This workshop contains many exercises addressing these skills individually and in isolation and later in combination with each other in more demanding environments.

“The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.”

In today’s competitive world, standing out requires strong personality, uniqueness and a level of impact above and beyond anything ordinary. Having a strong and positive presence can open up doors, get people to listen, pay attention, to buy, to commit and to support you which in turn can boost your confidence, increase your chances of success and prepare you to face new challenges.

Those with strong personalities are always remembered well by others. People go quiet and pay attention when such characters talk. They are almost automatically expected to take control, be in charge and lead others and their views and decisions are often respected. What makes these people different from the rest of us? Why is it that some people are listened to, respected and followed while others are ignored and lost in the background?
Having presence is all about being very good at two major areas; your internal view or attitude, also known as inner presence, and your external behaviour, how you present yourself, or outer impact.

This workshop focuses on these two areas. It all begins by stopping shyness and breaking through the various fears acquire through different stages of life.

The workshop contains various guidelines on improving casual conversations, making and delivering engaging stories, practicing small talk, presenting a pitch and similar topics which allows delegates to improve themselves on specific skills.

In this highly practical workshop delegates will learn:

What is Personal Impact?

  • Why do you need it?
  • How to brand yourself
  • How others see you and what this means for your life

How to Improve Your Inner Presence

  • What is the correct attitude?
  • How to use the power of concentration
  • How to adopt the right mindset to achieve results

How to adopt the right mindset to achieve results

  • How to behave when interacting with others
  • What is the ideal body language to project presence?
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • How to use the right words when formulating your sentences
  • How to control the tone of your voice for best results
  • How to take advantage of your environment
  • How to talk to get others to listen to you

How to Stop Being Shy

  • Why are we shy?
  • What types of shyness exist?
  • How can you tackle each type?

How to Present Yourself

  • What is the best way to present yourself in a short amount of time?
  • How to make and deliver a pitch
  • How to use the power of small talk to increase your presence
  • How to establish rapport
  • How to use high-impact words to get results

How to Present Stories

  • How to make engaging stories
  • How to deliver your story to fully get the attention of others
  • How stories are structured and what you need to include in them
  • How to tell stories to create a word of mouth wave
  • How to embed your ideal conclusions in the story and deliver your message indirectly

Female Fee Earners


Course Duration
1 Day – 8.30am to 1.30pm

£696 (inclusive of VAT)