Questioning Skills


Acquiring this transferable business skill will give you the ability to always:

  • Inspire and motivate clients and/or colleagues by asking well-formulated questions
  • Ask practical questions when coaching clients and/or colleagues to help them and to strengthen your relationship with them
  • Ask well-formulated questions to maximise information transfer
  • Use effective strategies when asking questions and avoid methods that can be counterproductive
  • Ask effective questions from a group of people to keep them engaged and increase their responsiveness
  • Systematically ask a series of questions on a topic to find out more about it
  • Ask empathic questions to help establish rapport and encourage clients and/or colleagues to talk more
  • Recognise the nature of leading questions, appreciate their effect and provide an effective response to them when asked
  • Systematically ask questions to sell your ideas, products and services more efficiently

Why Attend

During the course of many conversations we end up asking some questions. We ask questions for a variety of reasons; we may want to obtain more information, show that we are following the other person, or sometimes we may want to challenge them. Whatever the need, knowing what to ask and how to ask is a critical skill within communication that if mastered can pay huge dividends.

Being good at questioning clients and/or colleagues also indirectly helps you to become better at answering them by understanding the motive behind each question type. This is particularly applicable to manipulative questions which are also covered in this course in addition to good strategies for responding to them.

Who should attend

Junior Associates

Duration / Time / CPD Points

One Day / 8.30am until 1.30pm / 5.5 CPD Points

SRA Competency:  A2(1)


£696.00 per delegate (price includes VAT / Refreshments / Lunch and Personal Workbook) – limited to 12 delegates

Training Venue

Five Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1LG

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