Stress Management Skills



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Wellbeing Workshop for the Firm

All employees will learn to:

  • Use specific diets and exercise to reduce stressful feelings
  • Learn the A.C.R. methodology of handling stress 
  • Monitor their stress level and detect when it is affecting their performance
  • Become aware of the signposts and signals of how stressed you really are
  • Understand which type of stress is negatively impacting their life and affecting those around you
  • Anticipate and resolve stressful situations systematically using time-based and people-based techniques
  • Respond to stressful situations using a variety of powerful techniques and become more productive
  • Use autosuggestion and imagination to its full extent to manage their stress level
  • Say No and be loved for it!
  • Walk it Out and Calm it Down

Lunchtime Learning

Lunchtime learning, is cost efficient to financial budgets and excellent in time saving as it involves group learning.  It helps organisations deliver important learning to ALL employees with the least amount of disruption to the business.

Wellbeing in the workplace is a must.  Stress awareness and stress management is about operating at peak performance and increasing productivity.  

All of us in today’s world, experience a lot of demand on our time, inside and outside of work. Such demands are increasing as the world is getting more complex due to all the technological progresses and all this “busy-ness” can inevitably lead to more stress.   As a result, managing stress is a critical skill FOR ALL OF US that we must pay more attention to.

Certainly with the right level of stress you can achieve great things BUT with the wrong amount of stress and not being able to manage it, this will lead to absenteeism and long term sickness which can negatively impact colleagues, clients and firms.

Who should attend


Duration / Time / CPD Points

60 minutes 


GBP1050 – initial meeting, on-site lunchtime presentation, take away factsheet for all staff (those in attendance and those unable to make it), follow up thereafter


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